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SPF 30 oil free hydrating lotion
Size: 2.5 oz

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Moisturizing SPF 30 Hydrator Lotion
Price: $14.99
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"I love this lotion because it balances and nourishes my skin, without leaving me greasy, and I get sun protection all in one product! I just put some on everyday and helps reduce the oiliness I get in my t-zone. I play sports for my college (go Tar Heels!) and this lotion stays on and does a great job while I play or if I'm just going out and wearing it under makeup." Haley, NC

Formulated & Developed by Dermatologists for:
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • Hydration
  • Anti-Aging
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Softening & smoothing

What it does: Hydrates and nourishes the skin while protecting it from damaging UVA/UVB rays which can lead to premature aging, wrinkling, and skin cancer. This PABA free, non-greasy, waterproof lotion can be used alone or as a base prior to makeup application. Great for body art Tattoo's prevents color fading and distortion.


Why it works: Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging. Sun effects cause collagen to break down at a higher rate than with just chronologic aging. Dr.Joesoef�s formula moisturizes the skin and protects it from the harmful effects of the sun.

Key Ingredients: SPF 30 Sunscreen: Octyl Methoxycinnamate (Octinoxate) 7.5%, Oxybenzone 3%

How to Use: Apply to face, neck, decolletage and tattoo 20 minutes before exposure to sun.

Size: 2.5 fl oz. (75 ml)
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