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For 40 years now, Joesoef Skin Care continues to help people around the world with their skin ailments. Dr. Joesoef understood that skincare problems have a negative effect on our daily lives - both physical and psychological. His holistic approach and empathy for skin disease sufferers inspired him to develop high-quality, dermatological strength products at affordable prices. Today Dr. Joesoef's products continue to help treat acne and other skincare problems. But more importantly, Dr. Joesoef's legacy continues to help heal the spirit.

We are always touched by the sincerity of our customer testimonials, and we are honored to share them with you. Feel free to read and review. If you would like to share your Joesoef Skin Care experience, please send us an email to We respect your privacy, and we will not publish your real name or contact information.

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Hi. I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed using your skin care products. They have really helped a lot. I have never had such a problem with acne until I got in my 20's. I had gone to the dermatologist and the creams they gave me wouldnt work that well and I cant take anti-biotics for the acne so I was begining to think that I would just have to live with the embarassig blemishes and marks.

I did feel embarassed because of it because I was like "Im an adult. I was supposed to have this in my teens not now!". I would always wonder when people were talking to me or looking at me if they were looking at my acne instead. I looked on the internet for reveiws on acne products and thats where I came across some reveiws for Joesoef Skin Care. A few people had mentioned that they switched from Proactive (which is supposed to be one of the top treatments) to Joesoef Skin and how well it worked so I decided to check out your site and after reading up on the products, ordered one of your acne care kits. I was a little nervous about trying it since the stuff I had used before didnt really help any and because I also have eczema on my face, but after just one full day of use I noticed a difference in my skin. It was clearer! And it hadnt irritated my eczema! I love using your products because I know they work! Thank you for formulating these products. They have been such a big help in helping me gain some confidence back. Thank you!

- Lisa.

Dear Joesoef Skin Care,

I started breaking out very noticably three years ago (when I was 32!) and it got progressively worse and worse. I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide and salycilic acid, which meant I couldn't use most of the products at the drug store. I tried a prescription cream, Metrogel, which didn't work, and then I tried Proactiv right before going on an important job interview. Not only did it not help my acne, but it also made my facial skin turn red and peel. I looked just awful. I tried your sulphur anti-acne medicine as a last resort before going to my doctor for antibiotics. I had struggled with this problem for two years, and my skin cleared up within a week. It was amazing and I feel - and look - so much better. I recommend you to everyone. Thank you!

- Joanna.


Thanks so much for your help in successfully placing our order. We're simply having a "Monday" here and did not fully understand what we needed to do in order to place the order. We'll know better for next time. We do enjoy your products. I've even been on Accutance TWICE in my life and still struggle with very oily skin and a bit of acne. Your products have been the best I've used anywhere - and trust me, I've used it all. The products are helping my 16-year-old daughter, as well. She still has quite a lot of acne, but it really has cut breakouts down significantly. With all that said, a little struggle to get the product ordered won't deter us from ordering your products. We appreciate your patience and professionalism while we learned a little something new today. We look forward to receiving our order and doing business with you again in the future.

Hope you have a great day,

- Catherine


I just received the package with the glycolic cream, moisturizing soap, and moisturizing lotion. Thank you so very much and I am looking forward to using these. Your sulfur soap is an amazing product, and does exactly what it claims to do. It really does kick start the healing and the clearing up of your face, but after a few uses, I have to scale down to a milder formulation, and am excited to try your other soap.

You all deserve a A+ in customer service and individual attention. I will write up a review on your skin products in the next few weeks after trying them.

Many thanks,

- Jen


Just to let you know, your products are AWESOME. My skin has been better than it ever has before(I used to use Proactiv and then was going to a dermatologist before I tried your products). I got my mom to try your products as well and now she is hooked, as well as my best friend.

- Kristin


Thank you for the samples that were sent to me. i love the results so much that i will be changing from my beauty products to yours. i am still currently using my moisturizer and would like to try your olive oil & collagen moisturizing lotion. is this product safe for the face(have very sensitive skin) or is it just for the hands and body? are there any samples available for this product? i would also like to sample anti-acne lotion with sulfur 6.6%. thanks for making such great products. i've been spreading the word about Joesoef Skin Care.

- Amanda


I love your sulfur soap, it has done wonders for my skin. I just ordered a bar for my sister and myself. I was interested in trying your Anti-Dandruff Shampoo if you have any samples available.


Joesoef Skin Care,

I have been using your anti-acne kit for the past 3 months. So far, I absolutely love it! My acne has cleared up and my face looks better than ever.

Thank you so much,




I just (not 3 minutes ago) received my Acne kit in the mail, and after the RAVE reviews on the forums at, I quickly tore open the package. The samples are so exciting! I knew that samples were given, but I had no idea that this many would be!!

I am, however, wondering if there are any tricks for using your products. I recently went on birth-control pills for my horrendously painful pms, but it made me break out! So, before this I had pretty amazing skin, a very rare pimple here and there...needless to day I am fairly distraught. (I tell you this only to give you an idea of my skin type : )).

The posters on the forum frantically told me to write this e-mail, and their rave reviews on your customer service excited me as well! : )

Thank you so much!!!

later correspondence...

In just one week my hormonal acne has nearly dissappeared! I'm estatic!...

Thank you so much!

- Michelle.


First off, I'd just like to apologize for always bothering you guys with emails! Haha. Second, I'd like to say that your skincare line has made a world of difference for my skin, and I would reccommend your products to ANYONE.

Now, my question: I love both the olive oil and collagen moisturizer as well as the SPF 30. I have extremely fair skin and like to wear an SPF everyday. Is it okay to mix these two products together in the palm of my hand before applying or does this dimish either of their effects? I just want to make sure that doing that won't have any bad effects on my skin. Thanks so much!

- Rachel

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